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New Crown Rings from Royally

April 29, 2011


This was completely unplanned but quite ironic that today of all days I finish my New Crown Rings. 6 Colors, $100L packs of 2 or get all 6 for deal at $250L. In gold, silver, turquoise, onyx, dark wood and light wood.


Find them at my store Royally. While you’re there, head down to the basement for a…

Gift Box of Whatnot! My clear favorite of the bunch is the monogram crown! Click to change the letter. (Again, find the freebie box in the basement.)


This is really an assortment of things I’ve made the past few years so it’s now it’s a little gift for my (slow) reopening. More stuff coming soon!

Have a great weekend! ❤

Royally at Project Fur Japan

April 4, 2011

I’m such an animal lover. Just ask our 3 spoiled cats! So of course I had to help out with Project Fur Japan.

Royally at Project Fur Japan

This is a massive pack of turtlenecks. Heavy on the blues and purples if you notice! 21 total; 7 striped and 14 solid colors. Sculpted neck and sleeves. Ready for your mixin and matchin. I was hesitant about whether anyone would want these right now, since it’s a bit out of season and everyone’s looking forward to warm weather, but they work great for layering, and are just a great deal, I think.

Only 150L and the whole shebang goes to Project Fur Japan, of course.

Find them at the Project Fur Japan sim (direct slurl to my vendor!) , or I also have the vendor up at my store in Kilmarta.

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

March 17, 2011

Royally at Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

Royally has some items at the Pacific Coast Fundraiser. I’ve got 2 at the moment and am working on more. I have also put up the vendors in my store. They are all 100% contribution. It’s the least I can do to help in this truly heartbreaking situation. Our hearts are with you Japan!

At the PCF Fundraiser (so much great stuff!) my items are on the sim edge here’s a slurl to point the way:

I also have them up in my (newly reopened) store:

Thank you to everyone who’s making, buying or taking any kind of action to help. ❤

Tutorial: Perfect and Easy Compositing!

April 2, 2009

The problem: cutting out a partially transparent image

My friend Laleeta requested help with how to cut out partially transparent items from their background, quickly and easily, in order to composite the image onto a different background in Photoshop.

There are a number of ways to go about this. I recently had to deal with this very issue when I was making the vendor ads with a partially transparent skirt, and I found one way (limited to SL) that works very well, very quickly!

There are a few steps to this tutorial, and I went into extreme detail so that any skill level of Photoshopper can use this trick, but overall it’s very simple and basic. This should also work for gimp but I’m not sure of the exact commands on gimp. Any gimp users that can provide gimp translations, give a holler in the comments and I will add them to the post.

Royally Alicia

Here’s a finished example, one of my vendor ads, the original inspiration behind figuring out this work flow. Particularly vexing for me was that I wanted to add a shadow in Photoshop, so I needed a clean composite. I also wanted to add more shading/shadow to the background image but didn’t want any of that to be on the untouched product image.

The detailed steps with pictures after the cut –>

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March 27, 2009

I realized as I’m getting very close to my next release that I never properly blogged my first one! So here it is, better late than never.

Royally Alicia
Royally Alicia

The first release from Royally is a ballet-inspired outfit that is named after my friend Alicia. It’s quite fitting that I named it after her, seeing as she both gave me the idea to create it, and has long been a source of support and inspiration for not only me but many, many people. My Second Life would not be the same without her, and it’s truly and honor to name my first outfit after her! ❤

Royally Alicia
Royally Alicia

Alicia comes in 6 different color packs: pink with yellow, blue with green, white with pink, purple with blue, camel with black, and yellow with orange.  Each color pack contains a leotard top and bottom on all layers, prim sleeve bows, and 4 different styles of scripted skirts. Each touch-scripted, menu-driven skirt has texture change options, allowing you to swap colors on almost every part of the skirt individually, and some parts have options to make them invisible. Each color pack is $200L.

Royally Alicia
Royally Alicia

Alicia also comes in an All-colors pack option that contains all the colors PLUS some “fatpack goodies”. In this case, the fatpack goodies are 4 specially scripted skirts, that have ALL the texture change options contained within the same skirt, allowing for untold amount of customization between colors and parts of the skirt. Great for mixing and matching! The fatpack is also a great value at only $700L.

Royally Alicia

Alicia, like all items sold at Royally, comes with all parts mod/copy/no trans, and all clothing comes on all layers. Soon I will have a gift vendor set up that will sell mod/no copy/trans versions, but until that time if you would like to send it as a gift, please contact QueenKellee Kuu directly via IM and I can take care of those requests one-on-one.

More pictures showcasing the skirt and color change options under the cut…

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Royally is open!

February 14, 2009

A soft opening really, with only 1 item, but it’s a start. 🙂

A longer post about that in a moment, but wanted to post a quick note that I have a Valentimes Day gift in my subscribo! So head over to Royally, touch the subscribo and look in history for the message.

Valentimes Day Group Gift from Royally

Welcome to Royally

November 26, 2008

This blog serves as an update tool for my Second Life store, Royally. Opening planned as soon as I’m ready. More info soon!