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For help with items or any other customer service needs, I prefer IM but you can also send a notecard if that is what you prefer.

The typical permissions for items at Royally is copy/mod/no transfer. Scripts are typically set no mod, but all prims should be modify. If you have any permissions trouble, please send an IM. Transfer/No Copy items can be purchased on the marketplace.

All typical (that is, Copy/No Transfer) items are supported for life. That means if you ever lose or break the item, you can have it redelivered. Currently this process is manual but soon it will be automated. So never fear inventory loss or failed deliveries or accidental deletion, we’ve got you covered. Send me an IM and we’ll get you straightened out. No transaction number required. Please note this does not apply to transferring purchased to alts or new accounts.

Obviously due to the way permissions work, this does not apply to items with transfer/no copy permissions (currently sold on Marketplace). If you have a transfer item and would like a copy/mod item instead (either due to preference or to take advantage of the advanced levels of support offered for copy/no transfer items) I offer a One Time One Way Permissions Swap where you give me the transfer version and I swap it with a copy/no transfer version which has all the support of redelivery and updates to items made easy.

If you need any help fitting or editing an item to make work with your shape please IM me and I’ll help you get set up

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